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Teamkospa Inc. is leading the development and supply
of future energy products considering human and environment.

Certificates & Patents

  • 2017. 02

    Domestic patent application 2 cases 국내특허출원 2건

    International patent application 2 cases 국제특허출원 2건

    Trademark registration application 1 case 상표등록출원 1건

  • 2016. 10

    Trademark Registration (alphasun) 상표등록 (alphasun)

    Trademark Registration (Opti_Gas) 상표등록 (Opti_Gas)

    • Certificate of Trade-mark Registration (alphasun)

    • Certificate of Trade-mark Registration (Opti_Gas)

  • 09

    Patent Registration (New Refrigerant Gas related)

    특허등록 (신냉매가스 관련)

    • Certificate of Patent2

  • 08

    Patent Registration (Heating System related)

    특허등록 (온열장치 관련)

    Design Registration (Heater related)

    디자인 등록 (온열장치 관련)

    • Certificate of Patent 1

    • Certificate of Design Registration

  • 07

    Teamkospa Inc. established (주)팀코스파 설립

  • 2015. 04

    acquired Spain advanced desalination technology distribution exclusivity right for Asian region

    스페인 진보된 담수 기술의 아시아 지역 독점 판매권 획득

    acquired authority to produce desalination plants in Korea

    한국내 담수 설비 생산 권한 획득

  • Test Reports
    • Far Infrared Emissivity Test 1

    • Far Infrared Emissivity Test 2

    • Far Infrared Emission Power

    • Anion Test

    • Deodorization Test 1

    • Deodorization Test2 - Deodorization rate 99.6%

    • Antibacterial Test_Candida Albicans_1

    • Antibacterial Test_Candida Albicans_2 (Reduction rate of bacte-ria : 99.9%)

    • Antibacterial Test_Candida Albicans_3 (Reduction rate)