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Qunatum Energy Introduction

The distance between the Sun and the Earth is about 150million km.
Far Infrared ray provides much of benefits necessary and warms our bodies.

There are near-infrared rays, mid-infrared rays and far-infrared rays.
3~1,000㎛ far-infrared rays are closely connected with our daily life.
3~30㎛ are used in various industry fields,
5.2~11.5㎛ are common in every day life, and 3~50㎛ are radiated from human body.
8~14㎛ are 46% among these rays, called the Growth Far Infrared Ray

It is 10±1㎛ to resonate along with biological waves to transmit into the body of 75% water, which is Quantum Energy.

Water molecule wavelength range is about 10±1㎛ , which is quantum energy. It is equivalent to biological waves of our body above 75% water composed, so that you feel comfortable since it passes through about 5 cm deep into the skin to transfer the heat.

Teamkospa’s Quantum Energy is about 10±1㎛. (proved by KOREA FAR INFRARED ASSOCIATION )

Quantum Energy Effect
  • to strengthen cell function

  • to activate physiological function

  • to improve blood circulation

  • to recover fatigue

  • to improve dermovascular and cold constitution

  • to save Energy (50% savings compared with existing products)

  • to boost immunity

  • to activate antibacterial & deodorize

  • to resonate along with biological waves to transmit the quantum heat to the body

Quantum Energy X-ray Test

Alpha Sun Thermal Dome
  • Alpha Sun Thermaldome

    -General type / artificial leather

    -Weight : 4.9kg

    -Power consumption : 300W

    -Size : 410mm x 690mm x 700mm
    (height x width x length)

  • Alpha Sun Thermaldome

    -Premium type / cypress tree

    -Weight : 8.0kg

    -Power consumption : 400W

    -Size : 450mmx 650mm x 650mm
    (height × width × length)

  • Alpha Sun Thermaldome

    -Premium-large type / cypress tree

    -Weight : 15.0kg

    -Power consumption : 840W

    -Size : 450mm x 650mm x 1200mm
    High-tech dual controller
    (upper & down part each singular control /power control)

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Alpha Sun Heating System

70%  Deodorization

80%  Anti bacteria

90%  8~12㎛ Growth Quantum Energy

to boost immunity

to improve blood circulation

to strengthen cell function

to accelerate the growth of a plant at 2 times speed

Around 50% energy savings compared with existing electric heater products

By the same method with solar radiation,

around 50% less dry and almost never vertical temperature difference

compared with existing prod-ucts by wind

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Quantum Sanitary Pad Healian

The first technology with quantum liquid coating on sanitary pad for body of woman.


1) Radiates the growth far infrared ray of about 88% at 40℃ body temperature to resonate along with biological waves(10±1㎛) to transmit into the womb of woman. It is “furnace effect” of Korean mothers in the old days.

2) 99.6% Deodorization

3) 99.9% Anti-bacteria(Candidia Albicans)

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Quantum Bio Wrap Healian-X

Environment Hormone Free

Quantum Bio Film

Bio Bag

Size :  25cm X 35cm, 50Ea, 100Ea
17cm X 25cm, 34Ea

Bio Glove

Size :  24cm X 28cm, 20Ea, 50Ea

Bio Roll bag

Size :  25cm X 35cm, 100Ea, 200Ea

- Santibacterial, Freshness, Far Infrared etc.

- Decomposition into H2O and CO2 by using oxo-biodegradeable additive & biomass

- FDA, KFDA, Oxo-biodegradable certifications FDA, KFDA.

Quantum Paper Foil

- Applicable on fermented food, fresh food, vegetables, Etc.

- Fluorescence & Bleach free

- Standard of FDA, KFDA FDA, KFDA

- Possible to use a frying pan & microwave

- Strong in the water is not easily broken.

Size : 30cm X 20m, 30cm X 10m

Main Characteristics

Toxicity test


Analysis Requested : Extraction studies done in accordance with US FDA 21 CFR 177.1520

Parameter Result Limit detection FDA limit
Hexane Extractables 0.048% 0.001% 6.4%
Xylene Extractives 0.077% 0.001% 9.8%


Analysis Requested : Korean Food Standards Codex 7, Standards and specifications : packaging of appliance and containers

Test item Unit Standard Result
Materials test Pb mg/kg Below 100
(in total)
(Limit detection 1)
Migration test Heavy metal by Pb mg/L Below 1.0 ND
Potassium permanganate consumption Below 10 0.4
By 4% acetic acid Below 30 0.5
By H2O Below 30 1.0
By n-heptane Below 30 0.5
By 20% ethanol Below 150 10
Freshness Prolongation Test

Change in Chromaticity
Decrease of Apples Packed with Freshness Container

Antibacterial Test

Film & Paper Antibacterial Test

Antibacterial Test (JIS Z 2801 : 2010, Film adhesion method) : Bacteria/cm2, Antibacterial activity value log by FITI testing & research institute

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