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    Quantum SuperCooler is the world’s first slush refrigerator that will revolutionize the history of refrigerators, with a patented supercooling technology that freezes running water before your eyes.

    After being chilled in Quantum SuperCooler’s freezer any beverages or liquors turn into slush with an instant shock.

    Enjoy a special opportunity for fun marketing with Quantum SuperCooler’s magical slush technology!

  • What is Supercooling?

    Freezing starts when cooling a liquid below the freezing point, in fact,
    it exists in a liquid state and only the temperature drops because
    the alignment and crystallization of molecules and ions takes time, and such phenomenon is called
    「Supercooling」. The supercooling state is a very unstable state thus, it turns into the slush state when
    applying stimulus including vibration immediately

  • Technology, Generating a Fixed-direction
    Convection of the Air within the Refrigerator

    Key technology for supercooling, and a patented leading-edge technology of Quantum SuperCooler

  • Vibration Prevention Technology

    Minimize vibration due to the cooling fan that hinders persistent supercooling With the installation of special vibrationabsorbing rubber and the special design of shelf-support components

  • Technology for Maintaining the Even Temperature

    Our own ventilation fan and air duct developed with innovative technology, affects the freezing by maintaining an even temperature within the refrigerator

  • Control Technology

    A unique “Digital Controller” that controls all supercooling cycle devices for maintaining certain temperature and preventing freezing within the refrigerator

  • Verified Supercooling Knowhow

    Quantum SuperCooler’s supercooling Knowhow that may have been completely different with just one different air hole in the air duct

  • Original Patent on Supercooling Technology

    Cross application and registration of 13 domestic and overseas patents with hundreds of relevant technologies and devices to prevent imitations and replicas


Quantum SuperCooler Slush is a special freezer that instantly changes liquid into slush by applying simulation, such as vibration, with the supercooling technology

  • Fresh
    Provide much colder drinks without ice, which could contain bacteria such as colon bacillus, compared to drinks stored in the general refrigerator.
  • Easy
    Can store diverse liquid from liquor/beverage to broth and soup regardless of the container type, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, tin cans and paper packs.
  • Fun
    Improve marketing competitiveness, such as providing fun with the magical phenomenon of instant slush making.


Quantum SuperCooler Fresh is a special freezer that stores vegetables and fruits and keeps them fresh for a long time in the supercooling environment without freezing

  • Fresh
    Hygienically store vegetables, fruits and all fresh foods to be refrigerated for a long perio
  • Tasty
    Best for foods, such as dairy products, fruits and vegetables, and fish pastes, that need to be stored in the freezer to maintain their freshness and taste.
  • How
    Store foods without freezing at below -2~-3°C at which the propagation of microorganisms is controlled.

From Ageing to Thawing,
the World’s First Technology, Chef!

Quantum SuperCooler Chef the world’s first special supercooling freezer that naturally ages fresh meat at low temperature and provides meat in the best condition

  • Fresh
    It enables convenient dry-ageing and wet-ageing at an ultralow temperature without any special technique which is completely different from the existing ageing refrigerator.
  • How
    It is able to restore and maintain the original flavor of the meat by slowly thawing it at a low temperature and maintaining a supercooling state without losing the juice of meat.

The world’s first meat vending
machine equipped with IoT!

It is the new concept vending machine that enables the integrated management and long periods of storage of packed meat in the fresh refrigeration condition in the sub-zero temperatures.

  • Fresh
    Can store meat in the freshly chilled ready-to-cook condition for a long time without freezing in the sub-zero temperatures.
  • loT
    Enables realtime management by the mobile application, combining IoT(Internet of Things) and Big Data. It enables the integrated management (including inventory, price-setting, sales volume tracking, calculation, machine failure management, etc)
  • Innovative
    It Generates the new trend in meat purchasing by inducing the easier purchase of a single serving of packed meat along with the new purchasing trend created by the increase in the number of single-person households and dual income households.

Teamkospa has the exclusive worldwide supply rights for all Quantum SuperCooler products.

  • Model: Slush (1door)

    Size: 650x750x1970

    Capacity: 430L

  • Model: Slush (2door)

    Size: 650x750x1970

    Capacity: 430L

  • Model: Chef (1door)

    Size: 650x750x1970

    Capacity: 430L

  • Model: Fresh (1door)

    Size: 650x750x1970

    Capacity: 430L

  • Model: IoT meat vending machine Size: 650x750x1900

  • Model: SV14-11 Slush (1door) Size: 556x655x1150 Capacity: 136L

  • Model: SD30 Slush (1door) Size: 496x400x410 Capacity: 21L

  • Home Quantum SuperCooler Slush Model : Slush Home (1door) Size : 650x600x1000 Capacity : 155L

  • Home Quantum SuperCooler Slush Model : Slush Home (2door) Size : 650x600x1700 Capacity : 285L (upper part : 158L / lower part : 100L)

  • Commercial Small Sized Quantum SuperCooler Slush
    (Commercial / Home)
    Model : BD215D Slush (Chest) Size : 850x895x670 Capacity : 197L

  • CE

    (Conformity European,
    EU Safety Certification
    of Electrical Appliances)
    220~240V 50Hz

    Certified in October, 2015

  • NSF

    (The U.S.Food
    Sanitation Certification)

    Certified in October, 2015

  • ETL, UL

    (Electrical Safety
    in North America)

    Certified in October, 2015

  • KC, CB

    (Electrical Safety
    in North America)

    Certified in October, 2015


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