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TEAM KOSPANew and Renewable Energy Development


Seawater desalination has become a major challenge for nation-wide and world-wide attention to future water supply. Teamkospa Inc. supplies desalination plant of an average less than 3.0kWh/m³ power consumption with various advantages in line with the policies for this future industry.

Desalination Plant of Teamkospa
  • Energy Saving

    less than : less than 3.0kWh/m³

    New innovative technology and reverse osmosis technology have greatly increased efficiency while reducing energy costs.

  • Compact module

    Area of installation : 25%

    Desalination modules require only 25% of necessary space for the installation of competitors’ones.

  • Convenient control

    Control system : 1single unit

    All modules to a single control unit

  • A very low energy consumption
  • Reduced investment in infrastructure due to lower size and fast assembly
  • Reduced investment in acquisition of the desalination plant for its low price and high production
  • Compact design saving up to 75% of required space
  • All modules to a single control unit
  • High water quality
  • Mounting up to 75% faster than other systems; fast and easy maintenance
  • Useful life of the plant 10 years
  • Each module is independent and autonomous. In case of change of filters or incidents, only the module under maintenance stops and the rest of the desalination equipment goes on operative.
  • Possibility for adjusting seasonally the productivity of the desalination plant switching off part of the modules

We supply plants producing from 36 m3/day to 1million m3/day

  • - Production by equipment : from 36 m3/day to 1million m3/day
  • - Average electricity consumption : less than 3.0 kWh / m3
  • - Salinity: Up to 45,000 ppm
  • - Membranes : From 3 to 10 Membranes Hydronautics, depending on water characteristics
  • - Working pressure : from 40-80 atm
  • - Allows vertical mounting to save space of up to 2 pumps and 10 membranes. Color display with 11-inch control touch control
  • - Internet connection for the sending of information and control
  • - Optional : PC, Color display with 11 inches touch control Internet connection for sending information and control, alarms or mes sages sent to mobile phone, control of pumps, tanks, collators and peripheral equipment, directly or via internet
  • - Membrane Warranty ; 1 year. * (but, filter cleaning is separate)
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